How To Create A One Page Funnel That Works (And Gets Results)


Creating an effective sales funnel for your business is a lot like planning a fantastic wedding. For any wedding to be a success, there must be a clear-cut beginning, middle, and end.

Every step from the engagement to the reception must be planned and perfect. Using a sales funnel, you have every essential element in control of the success of your business (and the happiness of your customers).

You've heard about the one page website or the one page business plan, but have you heard of the one page funnel? Why should you get yourself a one page funnel instead of multiple pages funnel? What are the benefits of creating a one page funnel?

Today I will hold your hand and guide you through the entire process of building your one page funnel. You'll also learn it's so much more than a lead capture form, but also a system that helps you build your list, sell more of your products, and make more money.

What is A One Page Funnel?

One page funnel is a sales funnel created with a single-page template; instead of having multiple pages and unnecessary steps in your sales process, such as the follow-up email, etc., your build the entire sales funnel into one page.

One Page Funnel sample 

In 2006, Brian Moran launched Samcart, a premium cart program built on top of his experience pioneering the One Page Funnel. SamCart's advice is to make your marketing funnel as easy as possible. Don't create a complicated, multi-step sales process that confuses your visitors. This is where a one page funnel comes in.

For example, you show the single sales page with all the information they need to make an informed purchase when a target customer clicks on your Google Ad or Facebook Ad. Your sales page has followed the AIDA or brand storytelling framework that evokes their emotions.

At the bottom of your sales page, your target audience can clearly see the credit card or checkout form. The checkout form, which is the critical part of the one page funnel, is obvious enough to show your potential customers about the pricing info and encourage them to take action.

Of course, when you offer an irresistible value with persuasive content and a payment plan that answers their objection, your will convert your visitors into customers instantly. With the conversion boosters like Coupon Code, Bump Offer, you can skyrocket your conversion rates.

The typical way of the sales process

The traditional sales funnel would involve multi-step marketing funnels, and your prospective customers have to click here and there to reach the shopping cart.

You could create pain for some people when you make the checkout process time-consuming and confusing. For example, one has to take the following steps to purchase your product or service.

  1. Click the buy button;
  2. Add to cart;
  3. Fill up the credit card information.

The frictionless way of the sales process

With the shopping cart available straight on the same page, you make the checkout process frictionless and straight to the point.

Again, you cut unnecessary steps and allow your customers to purchase your product or service with a single click. All they have to do is only:

  1. Fill up the credit card information, and click (Voila!)

The Benefits of A One Page Funnel

Create a Frictionless Checkout Process

When it comes to a frictionless checkout process, you will definitely be amazed by Amazon's 1-Click Checkout. The 1-Click Checkout feature has helped Amazon to become the largest online retailer on the planet.

Each year Amazon has earned $80 billion selling physical and digital products online. Now it's much easier for customers to make purchases without registering, click multiple times to fill up the shipping information, or indulge in the registration process.

Luckily, the patent for this feature has also expired, which means that you can now make use of it as well. While you will probably not have a software development team to code the same system for you, you can use a shopping cart solution to achieve the same goals.

There are many shopping cart software that you can take advantage of in your business. The interesting is you don't need to have coding experience to use these cart solutions. They are:

  • SamCart
  • Kartra
  • LeadCart
  • ThriveCart
  • Cartflows
  • Thrive Architect

In fact, eliminating the checkout process's friction can help you increase your sales conversion rate by 50%. When there is less friction with the checkout process, people are less inclined to fight over something they want. With a 1-page funnel, there's no need to click here and there to fill up the forms since it is all shown on the same piece of content.

Save Time and Money (Sell More and Fast)

You can save time and money to create another landing page when you use your 1-page funnel at your paid advertisement or any marketing campaign like lead generation, email marketing, or even cold email outreach.

As long as you have taken care of the page's loading time, you can level up the sales game with this approach. Any person who's interested in your product not only can study all the features and benefits, but they can discuss the most important thing - the pricing.

Most business owners would like to hide the pricing from their potential customers because they think they want to charge a premium price for different audiences. But in reality, they miss out on a great chance to increase their conversion rate because of this thinking.

When you use the shopping cart with the checkout form, you're not only showing that you're confident about your product or service, but you save time on disqualifying prospects who don't fit your ideal customer persona.

In case you wondered you couldn't charge a premium for your product, then I suppose you might be wrong. When you offer a payment plan such as subscriptions, split payments, or installments, you're helping reduce the pain of paying in the buying process.

Compared to sending emails via helpdesk or chatbot to-and-fro to enquire about the pricing options, you can make more money faster with the 1-page funnel, which is also working as your conversion funnel.

How to Build Your One Page Funnel

If you've been following Advergreen Digital, you should know that our mission is to save your website from becoming only an online brochure. That's why we created Storytelling Sales Funnel. It has all the proven strategies to lead your website visitors step-by-step to your painless checkout page.

We integrate the robust shopping cart systems with your existing website or landing page to transform it into an income generator. If you don't have a website or use WordPress, you can easily create a high-converting checkout page funnel without coding with the following methods.

Introducing Sales Funnel Stages (AIDA)

To get started, let me introduce you to AIDA, a powerful marketing tool that helps you design and implement your best funnel. AIDA means Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. The last one is the action you want your prospect to take, which is buying your product.


A story about how you implement AIDA in real life

Imagine that you're in a crowded mall with the best idea of selling a gadget around. People tend to ignore marketers who try to grab their attention by shouting, “Hey! Buy my product!” So what are you going to do? You'll create some excitement or curiosity by doing something different like dancing or playing music on an instrument right in front of them.

When they come to ask more about your product, you'll explain why it's the best one for them to buy. Then you'll move on to the next level of interest, such as presenting your product to them. You'll take this step by asking questions, which prompts visitors to answer, and they feel like they're involved in the process.

When you reach the desire or emotional state, you will build up an irresistible desire for your product by describing how your customer will look when using it or how life-changing your product can be. Then you'll ask them what they need and let them try it out, without pushing them to buy. After that, all you need to do is close the sale by asking for the sale. That's what we're going to do on your one page funnel.

A (Attention) - A Compelling Headline

Humans are naturally curious. We want to look at things that catch our attention. If you're going to sell more online, you have to take advantage of this basic human tendency.

To paraphrase the famous quote from Shakespeare, "There's nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." It doesn't matter if you're an introvert or an extrovert. People want to look at things that catch their attention.

On your landing page, the hero section is also called "Above the fold," which means it's the first thing people see on your website. You have to develop a creative and exciting headline to make your hero section above the fold so that people are more likely to click the link.

Donald Miller from Storybrand has shared that you have to give people the big idea in your headline. It isn't something that you'd generally expect in online advertising, but it's remarkably effective at capturing attention and building trust. It would help if you wrote your headline to make sense to as many people as possible.

Storybrand's Above The Fold sample

For instance, let's say you're launching your new landing page about how to get more customers for your Amazon dropshipping business. It would be best if you made your headline into a question. It would be something like this:

"Do you want to attract more customers without spending too much money?"

It's simple enough to answer "Yes" or "No," but it triggers the reader's curiosity and makes them think about how to answer the question.

How to write a compelling headline

At Advergreen Digital, we like to write a clear headline, like

  • (How you help your customers) with (Your product); e.g., Boost Your Sales with Storytelling Sales Funnel.
  • (Say the benefit oppositely) with (Your product); e.g., Stop Cold Calling and Make Your Prospects Chase You Instead with Storytelling Sales Funnel.
  • How to (What problems you solve) with (Your product); e.g., How to Get Customers Easily without Paid Advertisement with Storytelling Sales Funnel.

I (Interest)  - Well-structured video sales letter

Video Marketing

After the hero section in your funnel, this is the section you talk about your product or service. While you don't necessarily have to put a sales video, it does help boost your conversion rate in terms of the number of people willing to learn more about what you offer.

You can do a demo video, an interview with experts, or a video about the pain point your product will solve. For example, on the landing page of Storytelling Sales Funnel, we've made a 4-minute-long explainer video that tells how we helped other companies increase their income with the solutions.


Besides, you have to describe your product's features and benefits. You can hire a copywriter to help you write more persuasive sales copy. Hiring a copywriter can help you to prevent making mistakes like "All about me" syndrome. You can even tell stories about your product or service to get your prospects' empathy.

To write words that sell your product or service, you can write the copy based on the following copywriting framework, such as:

  • Feature to Benefit
  • PAS (Problem > Agitate > Solution)
  • AIDA (Attention > Interest > Decision > Action)

Opt-In Form

You can also design an opt-in form or sign-up form to encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Although we have combined the entire sales funnel on one page, we have to understand that your audience might not make the purchase the first time they met you.

Lead generation is an ongoing process to increase your customer base. You can continue to get more information and build relationships with them using the email platform. Also, you can provide high-quality content to your target audience via blog posts.

Hence, in this section of your sales page, you need to get your audience interested in your product or service by giving them compelling reasons to buy. Also, make sure that you have a sign-up form, a simple and effective way to build your email lists.

Opt-in Form Sample 

D (Desire) - Customer Testimonials and A Bold Guarantee

The third section of your 1-page funnel is showing your customer testimonials and a bold guarantee. Customer testimonials, or social proof, indicate that specific audiences can identify with, which helps build their trust.

Collect Your Social Proof

Social proof is crucial because people often look to others to relate to before making a buying decision. It's like the herd effect. When people see others do or buy a certain thing, they make their decision based on that.

According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, "66% of consumers are more likely to engage with a business or make a purchase from a company if they see positive customer feedback." This statistic shows that people want to hear about what other customers say about a particular business or product.

But you shouldn't just pick random customer testimonials that you think might appease your prospects. Creating fake testimonials might severely damage your credibility and reputation. So it is better to ask your happy customers to share their success stories on social media like Facebook instead.

Create Your Unique USP (Bold Guarantee)

The second section is a rock-solid product guarantee. When a person buys your product or service, he's investing his money in an idea that he believes will work out. Hence, he doesn't want to lose his money and wants to assure that he can get a refund when it doesn't work out.

While you may think of a 30-day money-back guarantee is the most compelling guarantee, the truth is it is not. It would help you stand out from the competition if you had a less typical guarantee to encourage your audience to buy. For example, you can add a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't get the results after buying your product.

According to Perry Marshall, the author of "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords," you can create a powerful USP by making guarantees that are bold, unique, and easy to understand. For example, you can promise something like, "We'll give you twice as much work as anyone else does. And if we can't, we'll give you your money back.

Perry Marshall’s 80/20, Google Ads & Facebook Ad Strategies
Perry S. Marshall & Associates has helped tens of thousands of small companies become big companies by applying advanced 80/20 to online advertising.

When you show a bold guarantee on your sales page, you're reducing the objection from your prospective customers. The more you stress on the guarantee, the more it will get your prospect's attention because you've lowered the "risk" of buying from you.

A (Action)  - A Checkout Form

The fourth section is the checkout form on your sales page. After you've gotten the attention, interest, and desire of your prospects, it's time you entice them to pull out their credit cards and purchase your product or service.

Checkout Form

Add More CTA Buttons

Since you're offering a product or service that can change their lives, you can add CTA buttons like "Buy Now" in a zigzag pattern on your page. Do not be afraid to add more CTA buttons because this can show that you're confident with your product or service.

When you use a sharp and vibrant color for your CTA button, you're reminding your visitors to click and get the product or service that you're offering. Now, you're probably surprised to know that there are so many subtle factors that can affect the conversion rate.

Shopping Cart Solutions

Here comes the essential part of your sales page, which is the shopping cart. It's where your prospects can complete the purchase of your product or service. You have to make it easy for your customers to buy your product with a simple and effective checkout form.

You might not be aware that many shopping cart systems have a sales funnel builder that allows you not only to collect the payment but upsell your customers. With these cart solutions, you can maximize your profits by encouraging your customers to buy more.

Photo by DocuSign / Unsplash

For example, at Advergreen Digital, we use LeadCart to help our clients to succeed in their purchase process by

  • Embedding the checkout form on their WordPress site, or
  • Creating a one-page funnel directly with its funnel builder.

Introducing LeadCart

LeadCart: Simple, Yet Powerful Cart Solution To Help You Convert More Sales & Maximize Profits
LeadCart Is A Shopping Cart Software That Is Simple, Yet Powerful. It Was Created Specifically To Help You Convert More Sales & Maximize Profits As An Online Entrepreneur.

LeadCart has the ultimate funnel toolkit or "conversion boosters," such as

  • One-page funnel template
  • 1-step or 2-step checkout process
  • Built-In Credit Card & PayPal processors.
  • One-Time Payments, Subscriptions & Payment Plans.
  • Unlimited Products & Funnels.
  • Use Checkout Pages Everywhere
  • Webhooks & Zapier
  • 1-Click Upsells
  • The Subscription Saver (Dunning)
  • Cart Abandonment Recovery
  • Affiliate Center
  • Automatic Tax Calculations.

These features have greatly improved the sales funnel success. When you offer payment plans like one-time payments, split payments, or subscriptions for your customers, you're helping them with their cash flow.

On the other hand, this cart solution can also be your marketing automation tool. You can send automated emails to your prospects automatically after the purchase or if they failed to make the payment.

When you get LeadCart, you're not only getting a "sales team" who works 24/7 for you. You're also getting a dedicated "marketing team" to promote your product or service. With the affiliate center, you can invite your customers to be your brand ambassadors.

Whenever they refer you to a new customer with their affiliate link, you can directly reward them with a commission on the dashboard. You can literally make more sales without spending an exorbitant fee on the paid advertisements with the affiliate center.

Final Word

Designing a sales funnel is one of the best ways to ensure your marketing efforts generate the greatest possible return on investment. A well-designed sale can cause your potential customers to take a consistent series of steps over and over until they finally reach the desired result.

While you may find multi-page funnel suits you more, we believe that a one-page funnel that contains all the essential content gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. For example, a one-page funnel is straight to the point and creates a FRICTIONLESS checkout process.

IPhone Mockup
Photo by David Dvořáček / Unsplash

After all, it takes a lot of work to create an effective sales funnel. And it requires a lot of creativity and testing to find what works best for you. You can test different things out and find out what works best without putting too much effort into it.

If you're interested in skyrocketing your business with a one-page funnel without breaking the bank, Advergreen Digital is perfect for you. We offer a one-time fee to create the sales funnel that works for you. No more ongoing subscription fee! Only sales are coming to you quickly.

Build a customer-centric sales funnel, with story.
Advergreen Digital is your one-stop funnel solutions for your service businesses. We give you tools, content, the traffic. All you need to do is sell. Skyrocket your business today with Storytelling Sales Funnel.
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