The Ultimate Guide of Copywriting in Singapore

If you had started your business from scratch yourself, you might have struggled to craft your content. When you hired a designer to help you design your landing page or website, most of the time, the designer won't help you with your website's content or promotional materials.

Next was you visited other websites in the same industry and tried to write better than them. As business owners, we want to save every cost from marketing campaigns and get the most out of business. In the interest of efficiency among all marketing tools, you sacrificed the content because you believed that you could save more from writing them yourself.

Months later, you started to have sleepless nights because you have a fantastic product or service, but no one is coming to you. You couldn't think about what had gone wrong because you had a cute website with fancy animations that your competitors don't have. Moreover, you had the best tools with the latest technology.

Does this sound familiar to you?

If you had ever tried to write the content yourself without having prior marketing experience, then look no further; this blog post is for you. We've compiled an extensive list of copywriting essentials to understand what copywriting is and how you can get your business started with effective marketing.

What is copywriting

Copywriting is about communicating with the customer in a way that's as persuasive as possible. You tell them you know what they want and how to get it. The more specific you are, the more likely they are to trust you, buy from you and keep coming back for more. In other words, you may call copywriting the salesperson in print.

For instance, professional copywriters spend their days studying people and figuring out what makes them tick so they can resonate with their target audience on a deeper level. When you're getting your audience to fall in love with your company, you're helping yourself to survive and thrive in the competition. And you can always do it in your social media content or other promotional campaigns.

Copywriting Sample
Flip Features into Benefits

If you had never heard about copywriting, you might think it is copyright. Well, they are two different things. Copyright is about protecting you in the world of business while copywriting is about you and your customer (trying to get them to fall in love with you). You know you have done right in copywriting when you're able to persuade people in form of action (like making the payment) with words.

It isn't educating your audience.

Besides, copywriting is not educating your audience about the products and services you offer. At least it does not only do that. If you educate people only, your company might be taking a significant risk of not selling anything because who likes to be educated? Instead, what you want is your audience to take the actions that will lead them to the path of buying from you.

It's alright to have imperfect grammar.

In case you were thinking you need to be good in grammar and writing for copywriting in Singapore, I suppose you might be wrong. The only thing you need is to be good at creating and implementing a strategy so that it’s a win-win for both you and the audience. You have your target customers to pull them towards buying from you repeatedly while getting the positive impact of getting what they want.

It is an art and science.

Then, now you're also possibly thinking, is copywriting challenging to learn? As a copywriter myself, copywriting is neither easy nor difficult because copywriting is a combination of art and science. At times, you could have spent hours or days figuring out the best headline that can convert your website visitors into paying customers. And a headline is only 3 to 5 words.

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Those hours you spent on creating a catchy and attention-grabbing ad campaign are equivalent to you spending time to craft a piece of art because copywriting doesn't have a standard answer. Your audience might be one tiny detail away from buying from you, and your copywriting in Singapore will be the element that will help you bring more revenue to your business.

In short, copywriting is essential for business and marketing because it is about communicating with customers on a deeper level so that they would be motivated enough to act upon it in a way that is beneficial for them and not against them. Once you get it right, you might win the competition by getting more loyal customers painlessly.

What are the types of copywriting

While many articles about copywriting in Singapore claimed that there are many types of copywriting like persuasive copywriting, creative copywriting, you should know they all share the same business goals: selling. If you're looking for a copywriter to help you with your business and want to look with a particular style of writing, there are some differences such as the following:

1. Direct Response Copywriting

Direct response copywriting is used to make immediate sales or leads. It is much different from other copywriting forms because it's not about the story or what you have to say about your business. It's always about the conversion– getting people interested in your product so they'll buy it, hire you, or subscribe to your service.

This type of writing doesn't try long-term customer loyalty because it focuses on building up the necessary momentum for short-term success. The trick is to take what you have and make it work right at the moment. If you're lucky, your copy will be compelling enough that people will start buying right away.

You can use it to write:

  • Home Page or Landing Page (Sales copywriting)
  • Squeeze Page or Opt-in Page
  • Facebook Ads or Google Ads

2. Marketing Copywriting

On the other hand, marketing copywriting is a form of promotional writing that aims to increase sales. In the process, the writer's goal is to create a "call-to-action" that will drive traffic and engagement. Marketing copywriters are often tasked with identifying what the audience wants and then using persuasive language to communicate why they should purchase from you.

Marketing copywriting can be broken down into three parts:

  1. Identify what your customer wants - Use research and observations to find out what they want to make their lives better.
  2. Clearly articulate what's in it for me - Figure out what makes your product unique or why your product is better than everything else on the market, and then sell that.
  3. Call-to-action - Once you tell your customers what they want and why it's good, you can close the deal by telling them what action they need to take to receive their desired product.

You can use it to write:

  • Email Copies (Email Marketing)
  • Social Media Posts (Social media writing)
  • Product Descriptions (Ecommerce copywriting)

3. Brand Copywriting

This type of copywriting is used to create a connection between the company and the customer. Ideally, when customers see your business name or brand, they will think about your company's products without being prompted by ads or mailers.

The goal of branding copywriting is to gain an image that customers recognize to encourage them to buy from you in the future. Simultaneously, it may not lead directly to an immediate sale but can still be successful if you create a brand's image and identity that resonates with your target audience and make them come back for more.

You can use it to write:

  • Sales Funnel
  • About Us Page
  • Scripts, Video Scripts

4.  SEO Copywriting

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) copywriting is best understood as the art and science of making content that gets people interested in clicking on your links to buy your product. This is achieved using a specific set of techniques, including focusing on keywords, understanding how search engines work, and writing for the potential customer's perspective.

The ultimate goal with this copywriting is to attract readers looking for a service or product like yours, so when they find it on search engines like Google, they will find your site instead of a competitor's site due to higher rankings. In short, SEO copywriting specifies which words and phrases you should use in your content to attract more clicks.

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You can use it to write:

  • Long-Form Articles
  • Blog Writing, or Blog Posts
  • SEO Writing, SEO Articles

5. Technical Copywriting

If your business is selling something technical or scientific so that it can help your customers understand what exactly you're offering, then you require a technical copywriter to write up all this information in plain language for the reader.

In the technical industry, such as electrical engineering and legal services, you may require a technical writer to write your content for you. While your content may seem technical, you need to identify the areas where your consumers are most likely to have questions or concerns.

You can use it to write:

  • Technical Writing,
  • Feature Writing
  • Informative Content

Why is Copywriting Important

Copywriting Gets Inside Your Customer's Head

Now you know you can have many ways to approach copywriting. You can write about your product's features, the different varieties, and any other cool things it does. But if you're going to be successful, you need to think about what the customer really wants. That's how you get inside your customer's heads and get them actually to listen to your message.

Get into your customer's head

Expert copywriters have figured out the best way to appeal to the customer is by making the copy as relatable as possible. Using the customer's voice, you're able to strike a chord with them and say something that is both real and going to resonate with them. If you can do that, you're on your way to creating a piece of quality content that will build trust, make your product look better, and increase your sales.

Looking back, what was the one thing that made you want to proceed with that transaction when you shopped online? Have you felt like the copy is written to you? How the copywriter wrote the copy to appeal to your needs without you realizing it? Did you get the fear of missing out on the deal if you didn't take action? I bet you did.

In short, you might be good at technical or familiar with your product's features and benefits, but this is not going to be enough. It would be best to have an experienced copywriter who can help you achieve the emotional response that will compel your target audience to take action. In this way, your customers will know that they can trust you because you've been there in their shoes. Eventually, you will also accelerate your online marketing without breaking a sweat.

Copywriting is Your Amazing Marketing Tool

Besides, copywriting is an amazing marketing tool that could help you create content that informs, entertains, persuades, and inspires customers. Skilled copywriters use words to grab attention and engage the reader in what they’re writing about. With different personalities and writing styles, it's easy to capture your audience and connect with them on a personal level - all while delivering your message about what you offer!

Quoting an example, let's say that you're writing an ad about a product laundry detergent in your business promotions. If you wrote a boring ad, no one would read it and email or call you. So instead, you should write fun or funny ad that gets their attention right away. As a result, they will click on the link and maybe even read more about your products and services in detail.

Also, copywriting is what you see on the back of a shampoo bottle or what you read online when you're shopping for a new product. Have you ever browsed a product's website and then saw the high-quality images with good copy on top? You wanted to click because you're excited and hoping to make a purchase. That is how effective copywriting gets you to make a buying decision in no time.

Thus, without copywriting, your business might not be able to reach its full potential or even be there at all. The more noisy is the marketing message, the stronger is the need for a solid marketing strategy. Copywriting could be your solution to help you get started and get your message heard!

Copywriting Can Help Boost Your Business

Making copywriting part of your marketing strategies is the best way to improve your Return on Investment. As the saying goes, "If you confuse, you'll lose." If your product's benefits are not clear, people are not going to buy it. And the crueler thing is if your copywriting is boring, people will leave before you get the chance of selling anything.

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However, when you incorporate compelling writing copies in your marketing efforts, you're breaking into a more appealing conversation with customers. If they relate to what's being written, they're more likely to read and take action. If you use your customers' words to make the copy, it makes it much easier for them to go through and understand your message.

Apart from that, you can reduce the cost of conversion with a good copy because it is also the best way to build trust with customers since you're not just telling them what you want them to do, but why they should do it. In this way, and with the right tone of voice, your customers will also become loyal to your brand when you're not pushy but artsy.

As such, copywriting is all about crafting content that can delight readers and make them buy. If you can do this on your online platforms, you're likely to skyrocket your sales effortlessly. Take note that if you saw there's a drop in your website traffic, one of the things you should fix is your website copy. Changing another awe-inspiring headline for your online presence will bring you back high traffic and more sales.

How to Get Started in Copywriting

Suppose you were a business owner who wants to get your project on track but wondering how you should get started with your content strategy. In that case, you could always get the words that sell from Digital Marketing Agency like Advegreen Digital in Singapore.

Advergreen Digital is a Sales Funnel Agency that is not only offering a one-stop funnel solution but a wide range of professional copywriting services for your entire project that meet your marketing goals and business requirements.

We have a dedicated team with years of writing experience who can write your copies from scratch and provide different types of content at an affordable cost. If you're looking for quality copywriting services either for your product launch or other digital marketing services, then you're at the right place.
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In short, copywriting is vital for any business that wants to get ahead and keep up with the competition. It's what sets you apart from the rest of the pack. So don't be afraid to put your heart into it and tell a story that will inspire your ideal customers to buy more from you.

You should know that even if you have the best product or service on the market without words that sell, your sales would never make sense. When your message is clear and speaks to your audience's needs, you could have the edge over others. After all, copywriting is about crafting the words that get people to take action while making them feel good about it.

Copywriting can help you differentiate your products and services from your competitors. If you're not sure where to start, talk to an expert like Advegreen Digital in Singapore. Our copywriters have years of experience writing exciting and engaging content that will make your prospects want to come back for more!

Gideon Leong

Gideon Leong